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What are temporary staffing services?

Temporary staffing means an employment or work arrangement which is for limited time period. The companies or organizations in need of short- terms employees approach work agencies that provide temporary workers. Short-term employees may work either full-time or part-time based on the company needs.

The process of temporary staffing services took its’ roots during World War-II. Gradually, it paved way into the mainstream during the 1940s. There had been a major paradigm shift in the way the staffing industry worked during this era. It almost became normative to alternative to permanent staffing.

Why temporary staffing?

Temporary staffing services help in various aspects to the client companies. It helps in reducing costs to the permanent employees. Companies can hire a work force for certain durations with lesser compensations. This might be illegal and impossible in case of a permanent work-force.

Work schedules are determined by the agency and can be indefinite to extend or cut-short at any point of time. Labour flexibility is one of the main reasons for client companies to opt for temporary staffing as a solution.

Why hire from us?

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